When you order the Team Culture® Test please:

  1. Start your ordering by clicking on the green arrow
  2. Fill in the team members’ names and email addresses
  3. Approve the order

Each team member will receive an email with an individual link to the online-test. When all members have answered the 30 questions in the test, you will receive the collective test result called the Team Culture® Team profile and a 13 page test report with explanations and questions to match your specific profile.

You will also receive an email with supporting material to equip you to carry out the Team Culture® Meeting. The set of material consists of a 12 page manual and 20 slides with models and questions.

The price for the whole package for your team is 1.600 euro (+ VAT)


You can choose to get assistance from a consultant who has special training in the Team Culture® Test and many years of experience with social dynamics in teams.

A consultant can help you to:

  • Take care of the practicalities when ordering the test package
  • Assist you with the interpretation of your team profile (A telephone-meeting before or after the team meeting)
  • Facilitate your Team Culture® Meeting by helping to analyse the test results, facilitate reflections on how your current team culture supports or impedes your succes and guide you on ways to implement new ways of working.

Please choose the button “Test with facilitator” and fill in the contact form. Please write a little about the team's situation such as, its size, and whether you have a specific date for your Team Culture® Meeting. Or you can simply fill in your contact details, and we will contact you.

The price for the Team Culture® Test Package including facilitator assistance is normally about 2.700 Euros (+ VAT and travel expenses) in Denmark including a half-day workshop. The price for the big package including a one-day workshop is 3.350 Euros. Please contact us for prices in other countries.


The fine print

You do not pay when you order, but you will receive an invoice.

The payment deadline is 14 days after the start of the test. When the test is completed, each participant receives his or her individual team assessment.

This individual test result is confidential, and neither the manager, the colleagues nor any consultant can access it. The test takes 8-10 minutes to complete. The Team Culture® Meeting can be done in 2-3 hours.