When The Team Culture® Model and the test was introduced in a variety of settings, we asked managers and employees to evaluate this new tool. (At the bottom of this page you can read some of their statements.)

The Team Culture® Test can be used by all kinds of teams and in many types of situations, and below you get two opportunities to learn from experiences that may be similar to your situation.

Please click on “Cases” to get inspiration from four teams with different challenges, and see how they used the Team Culture® Test to find their hidden potential so they could improve their performance.

Please choose the button “The benefits to you” and see what you can achieve with the Team Culture® Test in the different stages of the development process and how the benefits can spread out in the company.


"We will not be given more resources so it's a competitive advantage to improve the quality of our collaboration like we did today. We simply need to increase the outcome of our efforts."

"The results of our discussions in the management team are too often a foregone conclusion. We do not start a debate, because the topics are without energy."

"Well, I can see now that we have many prejudices about 'the others’"



Private Company

"The value of the talk afterwards is 80% of the benefit. The test result is not so important in itself, but it gets the conversation started, and we cannot deny the picture it presents of us."

"The test forces us to be clear and talk about something important. It is easy to talk from it and it creates a dialog from which you cannot hide because we're all part of the culture and have a share in it."

"Great that we so quickly had some important talks we never have had in our team before"



Private Company

"The names of the four team cultures in the model are spot on. I never thought of it like that before"

"It's liberating to be able to speak from this model, because it's not about personal views, but a model based on some theories, so it provides a shared and unbiased language."

"We did not put each other into boxes as individuals, and we got a clear picture of what to do to move on. The model is accurate and action-oriented."



Private Company

"It's good that the focus is not on individual roles but on something we do together and that it is not anyone's fault. It is something we do, and therefore we can also move the group together. Very refreshing to work in this way."