Do you want to activate your team’s hidden potential?

Use this unique Team Culture® Test, which is derived from over 20 years of experience working and researching on teamwork in different industries and sectors.

It is a sad fact that many teams fail to get the best out of each other, because they are unable to use the different skills and experience that exist in the individual members. A team of skilled people who complement each other is not a guarantee for good results. The key factor is the type of team culture the members create.

The Team Culture® Test is a tool that helps all kinds of teams to explore and use their hidden resources. Small and large, ad hoc or permanent as well as internal or trans disciplinary - all teams can improve their collective performance.

This video shows how you can strengthen your team by using this simple tool:

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Use the test and follow the value chain

With the Team Culture® Test your team can identify their strengths and weaknesses and with our guidance, using the team potential package you will reach a higher level of performance. The test will give fresh insights and new tools that will lead to better results which will translate directly into the bottom line.

The whole value chain looks like this:


Karl K. B. Andersen

Project Director, TDC Wholesale

  • "It gave us confidence and trust and pride in our good collaboration. This useful tool gave us a common language"
  • "Team Culture is a small investment that really lifts the team to the next level"
  • "This tool promises to give a concrete outcome - and we really got that "
  • "The questions to our teamprofile were excellent. High energy at the meeting and all members contributed actively"